Natural goodness packed in a pouch

At Mother Nature, we set out to create the tastiest, most nutritious baby food available. Firstly, we search for premium quality natural fruits, vegetables, cereals and superfoods to create our delicious purees. Plus, 90% of the ingredients are sourced locally, giving us more control over the quality and consistency. Most importantly, our team of food experts ensures each pouch is packed full of natural goodness, perfect as a starter solid for your growing baby or a healthy snack for your growing child.

Meet our family

Meet our family

At home or on the go

Mother Nature Best Puree pouches are resealable, compact and easy to carry, so your baby and toddler can enjoy healthy tasty baby food wherever they are. The pouches don’t need to be refrigerated before opening so they can be kept in a day bag when traveling. But once opened they need to be consumed or refrigerated for up to 36 hours.

Nutritious recipes. Yummy flavors.

As your baby and toddler grows, their nutritional needs grow with them. Our experienced team of food nutritionists have selected only the “best” healthy organic ingredients and formulated them into a range of tasty baby food purees, Click on the pouches below to find out more about each flavor, their nutritional values and relevant age information.

Our Promise

To live up to our name, we only use the best from Mother Nature and nothing else. Our certified-organic farmers do not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. And, you won’t find unnatural flavors, coloring agents, added sugar or other chemicals in “Mother Nature Best Purees”...... just like nature intended.