Healthy Green Smoothies!

How exciting! This is the first post to our blog. Here you can visit and discover light and healthy recipes made with our purees for your little ones.
Over the years the awareness of healthy eating is growing. It is fun and encouraging and we certainly believe that when children are exposed to healthy foods, they discover a world rich in flavours. Our recommendation? The more you expose them to dishes like this, the requests for shakes will come by themselves. (And that's fun!)
In honour of the first post, we wanted to interest you in a green shake for your little ones, combined with our apple and banana puree.

Green smoothies have become a favourite drink for the morning, and those who drink it have a great mood and strengthen the immune system of the body. (By the way, it can certainly arrange the day after a sleepless night). A baby who has passed the tasting stage can enjoy the same, (an important point later) which means that you can share a green and nutritious experience together.

The smoothies are packed with green fruits and vegetables (especially leaves). The leaves have a high nutritional density, meaning they contain a high amount of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc) that are rich in chlorophyll and protein.

It is therefore advisable to add leaves to the shake (all types of leaves you want). It should be taken into account that the baby is at the appropriate stage and after tasting of each fruit and vegetables separately. We recommend green shakes from 9 months and older (when it comes to shakes with leaves).

Green Smoothie recipe:

1 packet of Mother Nature Apple and Banana puree
A handful of mint leaves
A handful of basil leaves
2 lettuce leaves
1 cucumber
1 small pear
1 tablespoon full tahini, or a tablespoon of almonds
1 Tamar date for sweetness
Half cup of water (you can add another quarter cup depending on the desired texture).
Cut the pear into coarse pieces with skin on and put in the blender, add the mint, baby leaves, chopped lettuce and cucumber. Pour half a cup of water, a pack of Mother Nature puree, a tablespoon of tahini, or almonds, and a granulated date.

Start with a strong blending for a few seconds until the texture is smooth and that's it. It's ready! Pour into a cup and serve.
  1. When it comes to shakes, you should use organic fruits and vegetables. If they're not available, place fruits, vegetables and especially the leaves in a bowl of cool water with 1/3 cup of vinegar. Leave for a few minutes and wash well.
  2. You can use another Mother Nature puree according to your taste preference. (Colour and texture can change slightly)
  3. You can replace basil leaves or add any other kind of vegetable. Such as celery, parsley and the like. (Whatever you choose)
  4. Encourage your toddler to try variety of shakes - an excellent way to introduce foods that the child does not want to eat in their natural form.
  5. It is recommended to drink a green smoothie in the morning.
  6. Use a strong blender and not a food processor. - The blender is suitable for grinding with liquids and the shakes come out with the correct texture.
  7. Instead of water, you can substitute with rice milk (or any other liquid suitable for ages 8 months and above)

Recipe, writing and photography: Miri Moshe